Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello transition, so good to see you again

Here we are again, spending time with our old friend Mr. Transition.  Honestly, we spend more time with him than I like, but after all these years together it's strangely familiar to be in his company once again.

Suitcases are out and packed. Last loads of laundry are in the dryer. Last errands are crossed off the list. Last glimpses of sanity are fleeting.

This morning Matt left for some meetings (fun important stuff that I am so thankful for!). Tomorrow the kids and I load up and pull out, stopping briefly to pick up Matt on our way to North Dakota. We won't get a solid start til late afternoon (Matt finishes up about 3:30) but we're hoping to drive well into the night and stop somewhere in Ohio. Day two should take us to Minnesota and day three to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Google maps says 23 hours of drive time. I am assuming they didn't factor in 5 children so I'm trying to keep my expectations low!  We will be with family for the first few days and move into our temporary housing for the spring on Sunday. Girls start school on Monday and I'll take a deep breathe then :)

Oh, and bid a happy farewell to Mr. Transition too!!

( I am currently without my computer and pictures so I'll have to do a wrap up of the last few days of our NC time later. )


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you as you travel north; we're praying for safe passage and a happy reunion with your ND family!
robin & michael

Anonymous said...

why just take plane, just curious. do american prefer road trip? my dad will love there. -susan