Monday, May 2, 2016

her painting

Last Friday morning Julianna tackled this intimidatingly large canvas.  She wasn't quite sure what to so with so much white space.  But she planned her mountains, sketched the outline, added the river and decided on a sunset.

She loves mixing paints and worked happily at the kitchen table and was SO PROUD of herself when she ended up with this!

She's quite the little creator.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

GEMS awards night

The girls completed their first year of GEMS Bible club.  They had a blast meeting every other Wednesday night with these girls.  They each worked hard and earned a lot of badges :)

There were three Lydia's in her class!  Ack!  How in the world did we choose such a popular name?

Julianna seems tall to me but this night I noticed that she was shorter than all but one of her classmates (all 4th graders).  Hmmm, maybe she's not as tall as I thought she was ;)

With their teachers, Ms. Denise

and Ms. Anna.  Thankful for both these ladies and the time they invested in my daughters!

the girls are looking forward to another year in GEMs starting next fall :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

pizza night

Make your own pizza night.  Always a crowd pleaser.

Especially this particular night because I really let each kid make theirs and only theirs and do just what they wanted.

[I counseled John Paul against his "pile the toppings in the center" strategy but what does a momma know?}


[also, I was in a bit of a rush and didn't get too many perfect circles with the pizza dough rolling!]

Isaac's grump face because his was the last to go in, and the last to come out, of the oven! Rumbly tummy syndrome.

It does take a while to get all those individual pizzas through, even baking on both racks.  But worth it, for the fun of getting something that is exactly what you wanted, and made by you and just for you.  yum.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

soccer at school (for Isaac)

Over the past few weeks Isaac has spent extra time at school with his soccer team.

They were preparing for the "opening ceremony" of the spring sports days at school.  

He would rather just play soccer games, and more soccer games (and preferably win all of them) but working on this group soccer show was fun too. 

He likes school ok, but he likes soccer a lot, so having soccer at school is a big plus.  And he's working on teaching the little brothers a few soccer things too.  Last Saturday he had them out on the basketball courts in our complex, working on kicking :)

Any school-wide performance at this school is a big deal (2000 students grades 1-9) and he was nervous on the morning of the big show.  All the students marching in, lining up by class and grade, and the center of the field as the 'stage'.  It's an impressive deal, and he was brave to walk out with his soccer crew into the middle of that big field surrounding by all those fellow students and school staff!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

when the skies are blue

No one can stop talking about our gorgeous weather.  We just don't get sunny days like this, certainly not all in a row, yet they keep on coming.  It feels a bit like we are playing some weird weather slot machine and we keep pulling the handle and, against all odds, we keep winning, so we wake up the next morning and pull the handle again!

One sure fire way to raise my spirits is with sunny blue skies, so needless to say this has been a great week!  We keep thinking of more ways to spend more time outdoors!  One morning we took a picnic blanket outdoors and I did read-aloud.  The same afternoon the girls dragged camping chairs downstairs for more sun-baked reading.

While the girls read I took the little boys to the neighborhood bike repair man for some help with Luke's bike.  This sweet man and his wife operate out of a little push cart parked on the side of the road just a block from our house.  Luke's chain falls off, again and again and again.  I'm tired of being the resident 'get your fingers greasy fixing the chain' fix-it person.  I wasn't interested in trying to shift the rear wheel back to tighten the chain a bit.  (and matt is out of town.)  This guy captivated our interest, and fixed the bike - all for less than a dollar.

and even when the skies are blue, we still stay inside sometimes ;)  the afternoon quiet with these two is priceless.  I love the cuddles on the couch, and the piles of books, and the sweet little heads resting on my shoulder while I read.  On this particular afternoon we were finishing up a puzzle before the reading started.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It took a long time, longer than I would have liked, but Luke is finally a fan of preschool.

He's often one of the first to arrive.

And he is proud to help his teacher set out the outside toys and supplies.

So thankful that he's in a good groove here!  (and hoping that leaving for the summer doesn't throw us off too much and we can settle back in quickly this fall!)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

tadpoles and tadpoles

If I had to pick ten words to describe this spring 'tadpoles' would surely be on the list.

These kids have spent hours and hours catching tadpoles, watching tadpoles, torturing tadpoles, carrying tadpoles in buckets and nets and cupped hands.  They have been the perfect outdoor pet - ha!  The apartment complex supplies the pond, all I have to do is the extra laundry that results from all the accidental dips in the water :)

And then yesterday I finally agreed to let some of the precious tadpoles become indoor pets.  Each tadpole bucket has one with no legs, one with only back legs, and one with front and back legs.  This morning we noticed that one of our front and back legged tadpoles was even perching on a rock to breath air, and then disappearing back under the rocky habitat the kids designed for him.

[I quickly informed everyone that every tadpole that jumped out of his bucket was evicted immediately, it's "back to the pond you go, buddy".]

Isn't that cool?  This guy looks exactly like the fourth picture in the "stages of metamorphosis" charts in one of our science books!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, one of those beautiful spring days where you think you could stay outside forever, and then you do :)