Thursday, January 2, 2014

Going fast, going slow

Our first day went fast, we made it farther than we planned (stopped east of Lexington KY at 11:30 pm). We were asleep before 2014!

Today much less encouraging. Fun morning at the hotel pool and off to Indianapolis but at 4:30 CST we hit a snowstorm in Chicago. Ugh. Some interstate was plowed but still messy, other parts not plowed. We finally quit at 9:30 in Rockford IL. 20-40 mph on snowy interstate makes for stressful driving.  We did stop for birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel. John Paul is three! More on that later.....

And now we have ten or (gasp) eleven more hours tomorrow.  After 11 hours today. Ahem.

Hopefully some solid sleep will help everyone.  And grateful to be in a warm hotel and not in a ditch (oh the roadsides are full!)

I have plenty of pictures butnot now. Goodnight


Julie said...

Those snowstorms are NOT fun to drive in! Safe travels tomorrow and Happy Birthday John Paul!!

Grandma Jan said...

Praying for energy and safety as you travel. Love you John Paul and Happy Birthday. Grandma.