Friday, January 10, 2014

finding our way

This evening marks one week since our arrival and four solid days in our 'new' home.

I think it's safe to say we're finding our way.  But with plenty of detours along the route!

This morning I forgot to take note of the warming temps and didn't send snow pants with the girls to school.  They do recess outside if temps AND wind chill are both above zero.  Today they have a solid shot at getting outdoors!  But outdoor play would be more fun with snow pants.  Oh well, at least they are in boots.

Speaking of school, I can't imagine a softer spot for our little girls to land here in the States.  This school is just amazing.  Small classes, small school, lots of familiar faces.

I miss having them at home.  I miss schooling them at home.  But I'm also thankful for the space, thankful to hand the 'school' baton off to folks that I know and trust, grateful for a place for my girls to develop friendships on this side of the ocean.  I know this is totally the best thing for our family right now.  And it feels great.

Julianna wakes every morning desperate to get to school.  My social bug is happy as can be and surrounded by friends.  Even Lydia (who always prefers Momma's company to any other option) is content and smiling when she walks out the door each morning.  Both of them ran around last night at church like kids who've been here for years, not days.  Thankful.

And church.... oh yesterday we went to our first Wednesday night church.  I. Love. Wednesday. Night. Church.  I love not cooking.  I love not cleaning up.  I love eating with people I enjoy.  I love watching my children run around the room with a bunch of little friends.  I love their smiles when they head off to AWANA.  So thankful for Wednesdays!

The boys and I are finding our way here at home. The big picture window is the perfect spot for viewing the resident rabbit - a bold little furry one who visits the backyard multiple times a day.  (See his brown body next to the bush out there?)  Yesterday we went to open gym at the local gymnastics center (open gym = little boys can come in and run around burning off gobs of energy on all the fun equipment).  It was a great option for us on a week with frigid temps that make getting outdoors for play a near impossibility.

This morning we skipped the gym and hit the grocery store instead (yes, my second grocery run in three days! ha!  still getting my feet under me!  and we decided the girls would pack a lunch so I needed supplemental provisions!)

This fun cart will probably loose its appeal as the weeks and grocery trips add up, but at least for today it was plenty of entertainment.  And I was grateful for happy co-shoppers as I made my way through the store!

This afternoon if the sun keeps shining we're headed out for some good winter fun.  Our house is half a block from a city park.  As soon as the girls get home we'll gear up and tromp out to play.

All in the name of settling in, you know?  Time to get outside and do a little exploring!


Susan said...

Little Luke looks like he wants in on the fun in the 'cab' of that cart! Glad you are settling in and are so comfortable, so soon in your new home!

Mom said...

So glad you're 'finding your way' and everyone is loving the new home, new school, park! Love u and miss u here in NC.

Rob and Carrie said...

Awww-those pictures look familiar! So glad the girls are enjoying their new school. I sure wish we could see you in ND (although maybe next time in the summer :) !

Anonymous said...

I can't even image all the "new" experiences the children are experiencing. Yet, like you stated they fall into each with the wisdom & trust of the secure children that you're parenting. PTL
How goes all the choices & selection pieces for you, Laura & Matt? Culture transition comes in many forms. Love you, BN