Tuesday, January 14, 2014

saturday sledding (and our kitchen)

Saturday dawned bright and clear and warm(ish) - the perfect day for sledding.  This part of the country isn't known for it's hills :)  but there are several options in town.

We started off on a smaller slope and quickly advanced up to the big one.  It's fast and fun and perfect for our older three to rocket down on their own.  The little two (and cousin Jonah) mostly needed riders in the sled with them.

It was our last full fun day with Paul and Krisanne and Jonah and Caleb.  So sad to say goodbye to them, but also a sweet surprise blessing that we got to see them.  [For the last months it's looked like we wouldn't see them at all but repeated visa delays from Indonesia kept them stateside longer than intended and we DID get to see them!]

Smiles from everyone.  My kids are acclimating quickly to the options for winter fun :)  Julianna even complained that she was hot.

This morning back on the home front we saw light flurries all morning.  I sent the boys out to "shovel" for me - no time like the present to start training my littlest snow removal experts.  There was hardly enough to need to shovel, but it's always fun to feel useful :)

Julianna and Lydia didn't even come indoors after school but stayed outside to play.  This snow fort expanded significantly before dinnertime and is now big enough for both girls!

I was inside peeling carrots and sent the scraps out for our neighbor-bunny.  [See him again there, and big brother Isaac making sure Luke knows where to look.]

And my favorite part of my day?  Getting our Christmas pictures hung in the kitchen.  Last night Matt and I tackled piles of mail.  So So So Fun!  And this morning I got our kitchen looking like, well, OUR kitchen.  It no longer feels like we are living in a strange home.  This is HOME.

It's like a testimony-wall, each of the cards telling a story of God's faithfulness.  I see babies I prayed would come.  Friends clinging to joy in the midst of pain.  Story after story of God keeping His promises to His people.


Julie said...

What fun sledding! So glad the kids are having a blast in the cold.

Mom/Grandmama said...

That sledding does look like fun - brought back memories from the few winters we had enough snow to sled here in NC. And the boys shoveling - need that practice for the next big snow! We love you!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of your kitchen, the boys checking out the well fed bunny, Grandpa's big smile (dimples) as he pushes his grandkids down the hill. HUMMM :)
Welcome to ND!BN

Anonymous said...

Oh my, finally I got to read your posts. My computer was broken during the trip last month. JG announced its death this afternoon.:( Thank God that I can remember your blogspot name. Susan