Saturday, January 11, 2014

winter white

Our new world, outdoors.  It's a white one :)

This is the view from our front door looking towards the park.  You can see the warming house right in the middle of the picture, the playground area is off to the left and there is also a skating pond and outdoor hockey rink.  It's a large park that backs up to a middle school and all their fields (football, baseball, etc).

Matt leading the crew :)  A tromp in the snow is so satisfying.

Sliding around on the skating pond.  John Paul lost his footing more than once :)  Well, everybody did, but John Paul just couldn't seem to stay on his feet!

Luke does way better outdoors than I thought he might.  He can hardly move in his winter gear, but he gets out there and seems to enjoy himself.  He's the only one in a full body snow suit and I must say it's my favorite option - for one, it's incredible easy to get him all snuggled in.  And he looks like he's getting ready to go snowmobiling, a thought that always brings a smile to my face!  

So far the biggest snow lovers are Isaac and Julianna.  They both just love to get outside and play.  

I bundled the three boys this morning and sent them out to the backyard.  [yea for a picture window where I can watch everything without getting all the gear on myself!]  Isaac stayed out for the longest time and then when he did finally come in he promised me he wasn't one bit cold!  

I'm thankful everyone seems to be enjoying our new outdoor world.  I like it too - so very different from my winters as a child where snow was an oddity that we saw once or twice a winter (and sometimes never).  

The girls are finishing their first week of school.  I can tell it's been long, especially for Lydia.  But they are doing so so well.  We're celebrating with a family trip to the swimming pool!  Even if the world is swirling whirling white you can still enjoy a swim - indoors!!  


Mom said...

Looks like so much fun, all bundled up and loving the cold!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are settling in to life in ND. How great that you have a park just down the street - and that picture window to look out over the back yard. Wow, that's a lot of snow. So glad everyone is enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

look at Isaac's tiger hat. it's so cool. susan