Sunday, June 29, 2014

where is our new normal?

Moments like these seem fairly elusive.  

Parenting through this transition seems to take 110% of what I've got.  Everyone seems a little off kilter, emotions running a little higher than normal, we're far from the dreamed of "considering others more important than ourselves" and "gentle answers turning away wrath".  

Getting a meal on the table still seems like a herculean task.  Tonight we had peanuts, scrambled eggs and yogurt for dinner.  Don't laugh.  I'm all in favor of healthy balanced meals but for now I'll settle for full tummies and what's on the pantry shelf.  

Tomorrow I'm hoping to add a little backbone to our days, something to give us some structure from morning to night.  I've got another dreamed of shopping trip to gather meal-ingredients and a list of things to get prepped and stocked in the deep freezer.  We're 24 hours from hitting the "one week since arrival" mark and I think this week we will get a lot closer to landing on our new normal.  

At least I hope so :)  

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Mom said...

Praying that you're household is back to 'normal' normal soon and the fog lifts for you and Matt too.