Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a few pics from a few days

Some pictures from the last few days... it's busybusybusy.  But we are settling in, that's for sure.

These littlest two are hilarious together.  It's becoming a pretty awesome friendship and such joy to watch.  There is also much cause for fighting/bickering/yelling/arguing/snatching.  Iron sharpening iron, that's what we've got right here :)

And plenty of peace too.  They love playing with the big sisters' old kitchen set ... here they are praying before a "meal".

Julianna got out her sewing machine and went right to work.  She made a pillow yesterday and then today worked hard on a little bag for a visiting friend.  We are starting to get good time with some local friends and it's joy to host these old friends in our home.

Isaac seems to be all-legos, all-day.  But he does enjoy the little brothers' duplo set too, and today made a group of farm animals.

And I'm loving the game playing.  Almost every afternoon with the big three, and sometimes John Paul joins too.  We play lots of different games, and solitaire is back in the running as one of the favorites.  They all spread out around me with their own deck of cards and I provide roving support/encouragement :)  It's one of my favorite parts of the day!

I made another big grocery run today and am starting to feel like "feed the family" is a do-able task.  I really do enjoy all the baking and love seeing my flour jar getting lots of use.  [I buy flour wholesale in a 50lb bag!]  The bar in our kitchen is the perfect place to cook with children and they pile onto the bar stools as soon as I get out the mixing bowl.

I'm still exhausted early in the evening (maybe a bit of jet-lag hangover plus the reality of my activity level during the day).  But it's a good exhausted, not a defeated exhausted.  And I'm eager to sleep hard and wake ready for the day tomorrow.


Grandma Jan said...

Precious, precious. Can just see them hurry to the counter when the mixer comes out. Love the holding hands, and all the other "doing life " pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling more settled in. What fun to see your kids at play!