Monday, July 7, 2014

bikes and ropes

Jump ropes did not make the packing cut and got left behind in America.  [We hardly ever used them there.]  But after just a few days here in Asia the kids were clamoring for replacements.  Easy to buy (just a few blocks from our house) and everyone is happy again.

The girls jumped home from our Saturday morning jump rope buying trip.  The elementary school gate is on their left, our complex is one block east and one block south of this picture.

While we ladies bought jump ropes Matt took the boys to the bike shop.  Seven months of sitting unused and our bikes needed more TLC than Matt could provide with his toolbox alone.  Matt loves riding and our three oldest each had Giant brand starter bikes... they have a shop near our home and offer free service.

We met back at the apartment and surprised Isaac with a new jump rope of his own.

The boys surprised us with our family's newest bike rider :)  John Paul inherited Julianna's old bike - Matt simply lowered the seat and re-installed the training wheels and he was set to go.  [Try to ignore the purple unicorns!  Today I took the kids shopping and we replaced the girly bike basket with a royal blue one.  And we're dreaming up ways to de-purple the frame.]  In the meantime, John Paul is a riding machine..... definitely a natural, just like his Daddy.

Julianna is temporarily borrowing a bigger bike from some friends who are out of the country.  She's clamoring for one of her own, but we're holding out for a birthday/Christmas gift opportunity.  Her borrowed bike has gears and she is really getting good!

No surprise that Luke is asking for a bike of his own.  Here he settled for a solid dose of kisses.  Both girls had friends spend the night, endless giggles and much fun.

Can't beat that for a Saturday.... for the girls, and the little brothers too.


Grandma Jan said...

Love all the pictures Laura. Thanks for posting.

Grandmama said...

Love that action photo of Isaac jumping rope!