Friday, June 27, 2014

ups and downs

Wednesday was miserable.  Little sleep, that horrid jet-lag-foggy-brained feeling, my first day driving (oh the insanity of the roads!) and a trip to a mega-store to start restocking the kitchen (always stressful, exacerbated by culture shock, re-entry stress, etc).

But Wednesday night showed up and we put the kids in bed and there was MUCH sleep. Still a little foggy brained (for me this is like a cross between car-sick and light-headed) but on the whole, Thursday was a much better day.  And after Wednesday, I needed it!

I still can't figure out what to put on the table (and I have many mouths to feed!) but a few more trips for groceries (in this country there is no one-stop-shop, it takes many trips to many locations to fill the pantry) and I'll be in business.  We did have two families over for pizza last night (lots of help in the kitchen and a simple menu) - it felt "normal" to be making pizzas for a crowd.

3 families adds up quick - 12 kids between us :)

mostly joy with a smidge of chaos thrown in for good measure!

Matt started cranking up at work yesterday but was home early and I still feel like I "need him" around as we are getting settled and transition stress is not-yet-history.  Thankful that today (Friday) is another light day for him.  And that he is currently waking children who slept hard all night long and that my house helper is on her way and my girls are headed for a sleepover with friends (some of their dear dear buddies who leave on Monday - sigh).

A little banking/money exchange as the kids switch their cash to the local currency :)  

So mostly it's been up and down this week.  Right this minute is "up" (clearly, I'm online! I'm sitting! I'm thinking in complete sentences!)  But there are plenty of "down" moments too.

I'll sign off with two pics from the "road".... pure silliness in the Newark airport

then pretending they were airplanes (with the NYC skyline in the distance)

By our next stop we had no energy for silliness... picture exhausted children sprawled on the floor of the airport while we sweated our way through incredibly long lines at EVERY stop (immigration, elevators, re-check, etc).  It was, well.... it was not anyone's finest moment.

Off to tend to the flock...


Mom/Grandmama said...

Brave to take on entertainment on 3rd night! Know everyone is glad to be home. Hope you and Matt get out of the fog soon; kids recover faster. Love you all and miss you!

Grandma Jan said...

So glad it's in your past. Will pray for you all as your reenter to your home. Miss you tons too. Grandma Jan

Chris, Leah, Austin, Bennett and Lucy said...

Hey! I am reading your blog at 4 am, doing jetlag on the other side here. Ugh. We had a pretty rough flight back with delays, bad weather, missed flights etc but are here in VA now and hopefully the fog will lift here too soon. Thinking of you guys and all the reentry stress. I don't have a phone here yet..will your old number be the same? Hoping we can imessage. Miss you all! ( i just had to retype that three times...fog :) ).

Grandma Jan said...

Just noticed something I so often saw, Isaac holding his head up with his hand, looking at the activity with a huge smile on his face. Isaac, I sure miss you and all the dates we went on when you were in North Dakota , and loved all of our conversations too. You are a gift from God. Grandma Jan