Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday afternoon (our library)

Wednesday after school pick up we like to go to the library.  Church dinner starts at 5 and the library is a block away from church, so it works out just perfectly.

The library here is just great - lots of space for kids to be kids.  A large pirate ship structure at one end and then another block-filled play area, plus a high tolerance for some kiddo-noise make the children's department a fairly relaxing place for me, even with all my little troops!

I can spend almost all my time relaxing on the bean bags while the kids play or read or listen to me read.   Seriously.  I sit.  This is worth noting!

I love that at this stage we can even find some books that appeal to everyone.  The girls would listen to me read for hours, and while the little boys won't sit through long chapter books, they will cuddle in for some minutes.  Plus the girls are hardly "too grown up" to look at a picture book or three!  Especially if it involves snuggling up with Mommy.  [In the picture above Lydia is tucked into my right shoulder, out of photo range.]

Thankful for these afternoons at this library.


Grandmama said...

Love that nap-head hairstyle on Luke! Glad your library is a favorite place to go.

Julie said...

Sounds like a wonderful place!