Monday, March 31, 2014

two walks

Two big walks on Saturday - giving mom and dad a good look around our temporary resting spot.  

First up, campus.  Matt spent many happy years here and now it's fun to live just tucked right inside all the campus activity (although not unusual to hear some late night shenanigans from the neighbors!)

We visited his first dorm and the nearby cafeteria. 

But the highlight from the tour was a stop at this classroom where Matt studied Physics.  

The kids loved playing school in this real classroom.

Julianna teaching even the littlest students.

We also loved the underground tunnels - a smart (and warm) way to connect classroom buildings and other campus locations.

Cutest toddler in the tunnel, all decked out in his mud boots.  (this little guy can take off his jacket in the blink of an eye - doesn't believe in wearing it indoors)

The morning walk was a bit colder than I thought it might be, so I started to have some doubts about our afternoon walk - planned for a nearby state park.  But Matt had his game face on - so we bundled up and headed out :)

And we are SO GLAD we did!  It was absolutely beautiful!  The low lying area was out of the wind and the snow/slush combo made for a very fun hike.  Matt and I have been out here a number of different times (we camped here just weeks after our wedding!) but this was my first winter visit.

Some of the areas were pretty slushy but for the most part it was a dry-ish walk.  Luke did topple face forward into one slush puddle but we were nearing the parking lot and ready to shed boots and snow pants for a warm dry ride home.

The river is still pretty frozen, but that didn't stop us from throwing sticks off the bridge.  Some travelled downstream and others landed on icy spots and didn't go anywhere.  No problem.  We just kept throwing.

Matt and I love being outdoors together, and taking our kiddos (and parents) along is such a delight.  Plenty of fun memories of previous Turtle River visits and dreams of more visits in our future.


Grandma Jan said...

It is a fun tiny park. We are glad we have it close by. Love your post and seeing the sights with grandmama and granddaddy. Jan

Anonymous said...

We can tell by the pictures that you all are having such fun with your mom and dad! What a treat! And such great pictures! They will be treasured as the years pass!

Julie said...

Looks like lots of fun for all! I remember playing spoons when I was little. I don't remember how to play but I'm sure my kids would love it.

Anonymous said...

I love how in the picture Lydia sat up perfectly like a Chinese xiaoxuesheng, 3rd culture kids never cease to amaze me! Miss your family and hope to see you guys again soon! Zhang Man