Thursday, March 20, 2014

and then he was TWO

This little Luke had himself one great birthday!  It was so fun - for everybody!  He was rock solid convinced that the day was all about him, and he was eating it up :)

The balloons, the streamers, the cupcakes, the gifts, the singing, the candle.... he was thrilled to be in the center of it all.

The big siblings (all four of them) even did a decent job of letting little bro open his own gifts.

Grandma and Grandpa and a family friend (Tammy) joined us for spaghetti dinner and the dinner-gifts-cake chaos.  It was so fun.

Luke wanted a candle in every cupcake, and then we decided to put a second candle in his - it's his 2nd birthday after all.  This is his "serious" face.  He thought he was pretty big stuff.

And then he blew them both out!  yay Luke!

After dinner the sibs broke out some more gifts.  They LOVE to give, just love it, even when they are just passing around trinkets and low-dollar finds.

Fruit snacks and a plastic puppy.  Two year old happiness.

These girls are just tremendous.  The big brothers too.  Luke buddy, you are one precious little guy.  And you are living in one pretty precious spot in the family.  Life as the baby of five comes with challenges, and also many blessings.

You are one loved little brother and son.  Happy Birthday buddy.


Mon/Grandmama said...

What fun photos. Looks like Luke had a great time being honored! Thanks for the face time this morning - we are excited to be coming to see you all next week!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Isaac and Luke as they are celebrated! Happy Birthday!

Krisanne said...

Happy, happy 2nd birthday, Luke! We love you!

Uncle Paul, auntie krisanne, Jonah and Caleb