Thursday, April 3, 2014

quick recovery

late Monday evening 

Our blizzard sky Monday turned into a fresh bright blue on Tuesday.  Matt and Dad had the driveway and sidewalks blown by 9.  But the wait for the snow plow got longer than we imagined and it was a good thing our 2 hr delay turned into a no school day because we sure couldn't have gotten the girls to school by 10 am.

There is some appeal to owning a 4 wheel drive vehicle, huh?

Once the road was plowed I ran a few quick errands (my parents leaving on a 5pm flight lit a fire under me to get in a child-less trip to the grocery store!)

Then it was off to the airport.  We'll be seeing Mom and Dad again in not too many weeks (we are south bound at the end of May).

We are back to 'normal' for a few short days and then Matt is off to Asia for 11 days.  I'm doing what any mom in my situation would do.... looking down a long stretch of single parenting and choosing to move in with my in-laws!  I'm so thankful that I won't be pulling all the details of the next two weeks on my own.

So so thankful.  And looking forward to the fun and fellowship too.


Mom/Grandmama said...

Thanks for the hospitality - we had a great visit! Ending the visit with a blizzard was an added treat. Love to all!

Grandma Jan said...

Looking so forward to tents over the dining room table and batteries dieing in flashlights and lotz of children activity, and you guys over here. The best would be if Matt were to be here too, but that is coming. Thought you should plan lunch with a friend one day, and I'll watch the children. Love you. Jan