Wednesday, July 12, 2017

more beach sightings

Matt tackles large sand projects, always involving a garden shovel.  The kids help and they create some fun stuff. 

like this "swimming pool" - it was a LOT of digging, and then a long wait for high tide to come and fill the pool.... but worth it! 

We (and I mostly mean John Paul) often meet our nearest beach neighbors and on this particular day it paid off big time.  Fishing opportunity, anyone?

That little rod was magic and all three boys hauled in a fish within just a few minutes of throwing out the line. 

While Matt and I were in Wilmington Dad put a kid pool on the deck in the afternoon shade.  

And one morning Dad noticed the sea turtle patrol stopped just a few houses down to mark a new nest!  You can totally see Momma Turtle's tracks in the sand and the newly marked nest (with stakes and a sign) and the sea turtle patrol golf cart finishing up their work before heading on down the beach looking for more new nests.  Those babies should hatch in about two months...

These 5 have played so hard and so well together.  

Yesterday we went to the USS North Carolina battleship memorial.  And today is our last day before loading up and heading back to Raleigh tomorrow.  What a great vacation! 

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