Saturday, March 18, 2017

one Wednesday

We moved our every other Thursday library trip to Wednesday (so as not to conflict with Isaac's lunch date with his Daddy on his birthday!)

A Wednesday trip had some fun twists.  Like no little boys :) ha!  They are at school on Wednesday mornings.  And we saw our good friends.... books are better when you have a friend sitting in the chair next to you!

Without the little two it was easier for me to do some of my own browsing (mostly a new stack for Luke and John Paul) and also help the girls with some research.

They are writing essays about a place.  Julianna picked India (she's really into India these days)... and Lydia picked Rocky Mountain National Park.

Seeing as how we were sitting in an international school library, right smack in the middle of Asia, you won't be surprised to hear that books on India were plenty, books on Rocky Mountain National Park were scarce.  Thankfully we got some solid info on Trail Ridge Road and elk from the World Book and we also have some good stuff here at home that we collected last summer.

Later that afternoon (when my big kids were at local school) the boys and I walked to a nearby grocery store to look for some sliced ham.  Unfortunately, it wasn't there.  sigh.  But we had a very pleasant walk and threw rocks in the river and we will eat ham another time, huh?

The forecast says we are really going to see warmer temps this week and I'm going to be very tempted to wash the big winter jackets and get them put away.  Or maybe just put them straight into suitcases because the next time we need cold weather clothing we will be in America!

We came home from our walk, rounded up the rest of the siblings, ate a quick dinner and left to drop the girls off at their club.... got through the traffic with minimal difficulty and as soon as we walked in the door I started the oven preheating for Isaac's birthday cake and a few loaves of pumpkin bread (his request for his birthday breakfast, which was coming up the very next morning!)

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Grandmama said...

So sweet to see the girls hard at work - they both seem totally engrossed in what they are doing. Looking forward to the birthday celebration photos.