Friday, March 9, 2018

another week in the rear view mirror

So we are loving Geography.  Just loving it.

This is turning out to be really fun and I'm so thankful I bought a set of maps for the little boys.  Their maps don't look quite like the big kids, but it's definitely engaging for them and maybe if anything they will learn to love maps like their mama ;)

The older kids are filling in the details so nicely and I'm eager to see the finished product, though we are weeks away from that!

And another school photo - that's all I seem to be taking these days, but it's where I spend my mornings so that's that :)  I travel this weekend and Matt will be handling the schooling on Monday so the little boys wanted me to take this photo to show him what they "look like" when they are at school!  Except they are never still (like this photo suggests) - I guess Matt will figure that one out for himself on Monday!!

And one last fun shot from today - the girls (especially Julianna) have large collections of foreign currency (that they have collected themselves or traded with others).  They both bought coin collecting notebooks and spent much of the afternoon and evening organizing coins and bills.  There is lots of labeling and organizing left to be done, but they are off to a good start and it's fun to watch them enjoy this hobby!

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Grandmama said...

Love the geography lesson photo - kids are so attentive! We love you and miss you!