Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Literally just in from the airport (landed at 2am) and he is playing cards with the kids before heading off to the morning meeting (where he shared the message) ... not much slows this man down! (though he will be in bed early tonight I bet!).  We all miss him when he is gone but Luke definitely the most of all the kids - he was in our room at 7am saying "Daddy, Daddy, you came back, you're back, Daddy"!

We worked on this little project while he was gone and they were so proud to show their Daddy their gift. (check out Luke's smile - little man lights up a room!)

Telling him all about it...

And a posed photo too!

[these posed photos pay off when I need a few shots to fill the frame!]

Then we were off for the morning, and to lunch, and came home to a powerless house.  I'm not sure when the power went out but when we arrived at 2:30 my crockpot was barely warm..... and the power stayed off and stayed off and stayed off and I gave up on dinner and was so thankful that today wasn't too hot and then after dinner (which we ordered in, put the crockpot in the fridge for tomorrow!) we went out for ice cream. Which is pretty much the perfect way to cap off a day celebrating Matt because he LOVES ice cream!

We went for an extra long walk (because why go home?) and then Matt and the big kids played yet another game! ha!  These kids play games all day long and they are so blessed to have a Daddy who will get into some strategy games with them (especially at 8pm because I am often checking out... I can read aloud but I'm not going to be playing too many games until 9! ha!)

And then - yay! - while they were playing Ticket To Ride the power came on and I hustled around the apartment turning off random lights and turning on different lights and turning on a few AC units to help cool the bedrooms down.  I think the one appliance I missed most in the evening was the wi-fi router!  I like the quiet of a dark house but I was wanting to download a book and also write a blog post.  [Matt and the kids pulled the game closest to the window in the girls room - which has fewer trees blocking the light - and it worked just fine.]


Patt said...

Happy Father's Day, Matt - you a wonderful husband and father! We love you!

Grandma and Grandpa from ND said...

A great and memorable way to spend a Fathers Day!

Julie said...

I spy 7's! Happy Father's Day!